Real estate updates

How to choose an estate agent

Ask family, friends and neighbors – there is nothing better than a personal recommendation For most properties, it is best to stay local – local agents know the area, and can be close to meet prospective buyers If yours is…

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Tips before signing a lease agreement

Understand your legal obligations before signing a lease agreement A lease is a legal binding contract between you and your landlord. It contains both your rights and your obligations during the period of your tenancy. In the event of any…

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4 Signs You Should Keep Renting

One question I hear frequently is, “When are you going to buy a house?” Some believe I am already missing out on the benefits of home ownership while others thought with my career constantly taking me to new towns, I…

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Checklist for buying a property

Make sure you have: Worked out your budget If you plan to buy at auction, arranged a pre-approved loan. You cannot make the contract of sale subject to finance without the vendor’s agreement if you buy at auction. Selected your preferred…

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