April 2016

10 Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value

Increasing the value of your home is easier than you think. Follow these tips, and your home will be worth more before you know it. 1. Plan your remodel. Whether you just bought a house or you have lived there…

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Ten Tips for Tenants

Know your rights when you rent a house or apartment. Bring your paperwork. The best way to win over a prospective landlord is to be prepared. To get a competitive edge over other applicants, bring the following when you meet…

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How to choose an estate agent

Ask family, friends and neighbors – there is nothing better than a personal recommendation For most properties, it is best to stay local – local agents know the area, and can be close to meet prospective buyers If yours is…

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Tips before signing a lease agreement

Understand your legal obligations before signing a lease agreement A lease is a legal binding contract between you and your landlord. It contains both your rights and your obligations during the period of your tenancy. In the event of any…

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4 Signs You Should Keep Renting

One question I hear frequently is, “When are you going to buy a house?” Some believe I am already missing out on the benefits of home ownership while others thought with my career constantly taking me to new towns, I…

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Checklist for buying a property

Make sure you have: Worked out your budget If you plan to buy at auction, arranged a pre-approved loan. You cannot make the contract of sale subject to finance without the vendor’s agreement if you buy at auction. Selected your preferred…

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