Nothing is more important than trustworthiness and professionalism in the real estate industry
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We offer unprejudiced professional advice on a variety of property related issues
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We have acquired the respect and trust of leading banks, finance companies and individuals

Cambrian Valuers Limited is a top Land/property valuation Company 100% Kenyan owned providing Property Valuations including vacant lands and developed properties; Property Agency; Property/Facilities Management; Site Acquisitions; Property Due Diligence/ Site Identification; Project Consultancy& Management; Feasibility Studies and General Real Estate Consultancy. We operate within the confines of legal legislations that govern the practices of estate agencies and valuation in Kenya. The company directors are all members of the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya and are registered under the Valuers Act Cap 532 and Estate Agents Act Cap 533 of the Laws of Kenya. We are specialists in the Kenyan real estate sector with over 30 years of combined experience in the Kenya property market. We have Branches/ Coverage all over the country including Nairobi Region- Head Office, Kajiado County- Kitengela Office, Kisii Region- Kisii office, RIft Valley-Nakuru, Kisumu and Nyanza Region, Eldoret, and Coast Region-Mombasa.

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Speed is the currency of the century.  we ensure valuation reports are well done and delivered in time.


We have well trained and highly motivated staff who have gained wealth of experience over time.


We fit in our clients’ shoes and go where they are. Call us and we will find you where you are.


Our scope and areas of specialization is driven by our expertise, clients need and desire to deliver quality.


Specialized Properties
Development Lands
Industrial Property And Plant & Machinery
Specialised Industrial & Commercial
Shopping Malls And Office Complexes
Automobile Valuations/ Assessment


Assets that are combined with others and that may include items that form part of industrial infrastructure, utilities, building services installations, specialized buildings and machinery and equipment forming a dedicated assemblage.


Individual, or a collection or a fleet of machines that may be employed, installed or remotely operated in connection with a user’s industrial or commercial processes, trade or business sector. 


An all-encompassing term for other assets such as sundry machinery, tooling, fixtures, furniture and furnishings, trade fixtures and fittings, vehicles and loose tools that are used to assist the operation of the enterprise or entity.

Our Branches

Property Management

Why Cambrian Management…?
Our main aim is to assist our clients to reap the best from their investment properties.
Our experienced property managers know the unique local market, understand the needs of all tenants, and work hard to serve owners, renters, and investors.
People who work with Cambrian Management describe our staff as professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.
We use our experience and our ongoing education to elevate your expectations for property management in Kenya

Learning Center

Valuation Resources

Cambrian Valuers is here to be your local resource for properties in Kenya Worldwide.

We have a number of educational blogs and articles that can help you be a better professional and smarter investor. Check out the information we share and let us know if you would like us to address a particular topic in a future blog.

Property Management Coaching

If you’re a landlord struggling to keep your business running, we understand.

You likely purchased investment properties. Is it?

Our Property Consultants, have been in your shoes. They can partner with you to systemize your process and help you work smarter, not harder. Contact us.

Classes and Seminars

We offer landlord classes every year. 

If you’re a landlord or thinking about buying rental real estate, come to one of these classes.

We’ll talk about your legal obligations, Property taxation, how to advertise and find tenants, and what you need to do when writing a great lease.

Building Survey

As building surveyors, our expertise is grounded in a detailed understanding of building construction and pathology. We can assist you to maximize your asset value via the application of our detailed technical knowledge of building construction combined with our knowledge of current legislative requirements. Our report provides you with a detailed assessment of the condition of the building, budget costs for any outstanding repairs, and an overview of the asset’s standing in respect of compliance and statutory matters.

Site Acquisition

As Site acquisition agents, we acquire interests in land for development purposes on behalf of an individual or a company. In most cases, this exercise is done by and for big companies especially telecommunications companies.
For telecommunications companies to be able to transmit, they need to erect masts (boosters) that use signals to communicate and as a result, we can use cell phones for communication and even modems for internet connectivity.


Cambrian is set up to be a “think tank” to offer solutions to assorted problems on a wide variety of subjects both in and out of the real estate industry through feasibility studies.
Drawing knowledge from numerous consultants affiliated with the company, Cambrian Valuers provides governmental bodies, investors and developers with research and feasibility studies. This company also provides consultation on proposed real estate development for investors and developers.

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