Project Management


Real estate investment projects involve huge capital outlay and expert knowledge of relevant professionals in the built environment whilst careful thought process, market intelligence thorough analysis effective coordination and appropriate financing arrangements and marketing of the final products are critical considerations for any developer/investor realization. Thus from conception stage, through design, construction, and successful completion involvement of relevant professionals including Estate Agents and Valuers, Architects, Quantity surveyors, Land surveyors, Soil Engineers, Structural Engineers Planners, Lawyers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, and Financial consultants is critical to the success of any property investment project .

Project management therefore entails the coordination of the activities of all professionals in the built environment involved in a proposed project from its conception through design, construction to final completion within budgeted/reasonable time and cost limits whilst ensuring qualitative realization of the desired objectives.

Our projects development department is manned by proven and will tested professionals in the built environment with over 10 years combined  post qualification practical experience.

The unit offers a wide range of professional services in the following specific areas,

1) Preparation of Feasibility and Viability Appraisal for Proposed Building Construction Projects;

2) Contract Administration for on-going Projects through Preparation of Interim Reports /Valuation;

3) Advising prospective clients on suitable sites for various intended projects;

4) Monitoring work progress for on-going projects on behalf of Banks that issue Advance Payment Guarantee for Customers

5) General Advice on Property Development including highest and best use of land resources.


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